Top five reasons to keep DIRECTV

I know that it’s popular to attack DIRECTV these days. Once seen as the bleeding-edge market disruptor, the entire pay-TV marketplace has changed in the last several years and DIRECTV has as well. Cod-cutting has taken an increasingly heavy toll on all pay-TV services and while DIRECTV was the last to start feeling it, there’s no denying that subscriber growth for traditional pay-TV has stopped and a decline has begun.

I think people are over-reacting.

People cut out pay television for two reasons. The first is that their promotional period has expired. It used to be that once that teaser rate ended, you either stayed where you were or found a competitor that offered a different teaser rate. I have a friend, for example, who has been changing services every other year for over a decade. He’s never paid full price for a pay-TV service.

Today of course the trend is to churn out after that teaser rate ends and go to streaming. There’s just one problem. Streaming was originally seen as a cost-saver, but if you look at it, it’s not.

So, before you decide to unplug that RG6 cable, here are five reasons you shouldn’t.

1. DIRECTV is not more expensive than streaming.

Even after teaser rates are over, you can get hundreds of channels for around $60 a month. This also included 20,000 on demand titles and all the top rated shows. With free previews, you can even get caught up on premium channel content.

On the other hand, streaming costs have exploded. Netflix’s 4K plan is now close to $17 a month. Hulu and CBS are getting close to $10 and even those new services are looking at being $7 a month. The least expensive live TV streaming service hovers around $25 a month with no local channels. If you want locals you’ll pay even more.

So, it may seem like you’re saving money but once you add up everything you need, you’re not.

2. (I can’t believe I’m saying this) DIRECTV’s billing is simpler.

There was a time when it was impossible to understand your DIRECTV bill. Those days are long gone. Today you get one bill for all your entertainment and it’s simple to understand. It’s even easier if you bundle with AT&T cellular and internet, because then all your entertainment is on one bill. Go with autopay and there’s one charge on your monthly credit card statement.

Compare that with streaming services that all bill individually. You can go crazy trying to track all that down. Each service bills its own amount and it all happens at a different time. Even bundling through Amazon or AppleTV Channels doesn’t really solve the problem.

3. DIRECTV has the content you want and an easy way to get it.

Various providers have tried ways to help you find what you want. Roku has their universal search which is probably the best. Inexplicably, Apple’s search has gotten worse and now focuses way too much on their own store. I don’t know about you but if I’m looking for something to watch I end up bopping between provider apps for 10-15 minutes. This is especially true if I don’t know what I want but have a category in mind.

On the other hand, with DIRECTV I search for it and I find it. If it’s not in my programming package I see that right away and I can move on. If I want to browse by channel or just by on demand I can.


With DIRECTV satellite you get all the live TV stuff, you get everything right on your TV and you get DVR service that works on every channel the same way. But, you also get a streaming experience. Authenticate to dozens of apps like ABC, TNT, and Comedy Central for no extra charge. Use the DIRECTV app while you’re on the road to watch anything you want, even your own DVR.

With streaming, it just seems like you’re getting half the experience.

5. DIRECTV has customer service (and so does Solid Signal.)

Have you ever actually spoken to anyone at Netflix? How about at Amazon? Most streaming services have little or no customer service. AT&T has tens of thousands of customer service reps, but of course you won’t want to use them.

Instead, you’ll want the personal service that comes from having your very own consultant at Solid Signal. Our call center in Novi, Michigan, is staffed with real trained technicians. I mean these are people you can talk to directly over and over again. Try that with Hulu. Wait, you can’t.


If you’re looking for a great value, call 888-233-7563 to sign up for DIRECTV. You’ll get real personalized service. Or, if you already have DIRECTV, why not wait a little longer before deciding to cut the cord completely. If you really feel like you want to walk on the wild side, you can suspend DIRECTV service for up to 6 months and it can be turned back on as soon as you realize you’ve made a mistake.

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Stuart Sweet
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