Want to write for The Solid Signal Blog?

Every now and again we welcome a new guest blogger to The Solid Signal Blog. Some stay with us for a long time, like Jake Buckler and Phil Karras. Others come and go with just a few articles. I like to encourage new authors and this blog is stronger because it has a lot of voices.

The basics

The Solid Signal Blog does accept guest posts on an unpaid basis. You might just be the sort of person who enjoys seeing their name attached to an article, or you may want to build up a portfolio. No matter what the reason, we’re happy to have the volunteers.

What kind of topics we accept

If you read this blog, you probably know the answer. We like tutorials about home theater stuff, commercial equipment, and computers. We like stories about where things came from and why they are the way they are.

Overall, the key to all these stories is that they’re interesting to the people who buy from Solid Signal. It’s best if guest blog posts have to do with the products we sell and they way they’re used.

What you must include

Every article must include at least one link to a product at SolidSignal.com. This blog is here to support Solid Signal, and it shouldn’t be hard to find a product to support your article if it’s generally on topic.

What you can and can’t do

We don’t allow links to any site that in any way competes with Solid Signal or its parent company, Signal Group LLC. This includes any company that offers any sort of pay TV service, cellular service, installation service, or pretty much anything tech related.

We also don’t allow links to sites that encourage illegal or unethical activities, such as passing off someone else’s work as your own. You absolutely cannot link to any essay writing or essay help site. This is a hard and fast rule.

On the other hand, you can link to noteworthy blogs and articles that support your story if they don’t sell anything.

Editorial control and copyright

Although your name will appear on the article (whatever name you tell us to use.) The content on this blog, 100 percent of it, is the property of Signal Group, LLC and can’t be reproduced without our permission. We hold the copyright. You’re free to link to your article, and we hope you do. You’re also free to publish an excerpt of up to 50 words anywhere you’d like.

The editors of this blog, including me, have the right to rewrite your article as we see fit. If you don’t like our edits, we’re happy to unpublish the article and return the rights to you.


We won’t publish anything obscene, anything criminal, or anything that advocates hate, violence, or any of that stuff. But, that’s just common sense.

We ask that articles be between 500 and 2000 words and be in clear English. It doesn’t have to be perfectly grammatically correct but it should be easy for people to understand. Again, common sense.

Articles should be submitted in Microsoft Word format with headings in the “Heading 2” style.


You can submit photos to go along with your article as long as they are free for our use and you either own them or you have permission from the people who do own them. If you need to include photo captions, please do.

Average turnaround time

Generally your article will run within three weeks of your submitting it. If it doesn’t run, let us know and we’ll tell you when it will run, or why it won’t.

How to get started, and where to ask other questions

If want more information or you want to get started, click the “CONTACT THE EDITOR” button at the bottom right. Let’s get going!

About the Author

Stuart Sweet
Stuart Sweet is the editor-in-chief of The Solid Signal Blog and a "master plumber" at Signal Group, LLC. He is the author of over 8,000 articles and longform tutorials including many posted here. Reach him by clicking on "Contact the Editor" at the bottom of this page.