What’s in the Box?

This electronic product can really light up a room or nearly any other space. The soft white glow it shares has an almost ethereal quality that is both warm and welcoming. This mystery product is beautiful, alluring, and versatile. You can use it to decorate both indoors and out, and the ways to arrange it are nearly endless. Chances are good that you have a room in your house or some outdoor space that could benefit from this product. Given all these clues, you might have a pretty good guess as to what our mystery product is. Do you know what’s in the box?

Find out what's in the box!

Decorative String Lights

This week’s mystery product is the LED string lights from Axis. These decorative lights come on a wire instead of a cord. This lets you bend and shape them in a variety of configurations to suit your decorating needs. The light they give off offers a soft, glowing look that’s almost ethereal. That’s why they’re often called “twinkle lights” or “fairy lights.” The wire is 41 feet long with a built-in LED light spaced every four inches. This delivers a total of 150 white, micro-dot lights! They are ideal for a variety of DIY projects, backyard ideas, and other home décor. Here are some neat benefits of the twinkle lights by Axis:

  • UL-listed AC power adapter fits standard wall outlets and is weather protected for outdoor use.
  • More reliable and energy efficient than traditional string lighting.
  • Long-lasting LED micro-dots are dependable year after year.
  • The entire unit won’t shut down if one light goes out.

Indoor/Outdoor LED String Lights

What’s great about these string lights from Axis is that there are many ways to use them in your home décor. Because the wire that houses these lights is bendable, you might be amazed at some of the unique and beautiful ways this product has been used in various home décor projects. Here are just some of the more popular ways people have arranged their Axis fairy lights:

  • Ceiling twinkle lights
  • Mason jar twinkle lights
  • Twinkle lights on your wall
  • Twinkle lights over the bed
  • Twinkle lights on a Christmas tree
  • Twinkle lights on the headboard

When it comes to decorating with LED string lights, you’re only limited by your imagination. From mild to wild, how they’re used to beautify your home or patio is totally up to you. Here’s the best part: if you put them up and don’t like the look, these lights are super easy to set up. Just take them down and try again until you get these twinkle lights to look the way you want them to.

Get Twinkle Lights from Solid Signal

Are you interested in a roll of twinkle lights from Axis? Solid Signal has plenty of these decorative string lights in our vast online inventory. If you want some to help beautify your home, or just have more questions, give us a call at 888-233-7563. If you order a set, you probably know how you plan to hang them before you get this home décor item out of the box. Why not take some pics of your decorating project and post them in the comments section below? We’d love to see how you use your fairy lights from Axis.


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