What’s Streaming This Weekend?

In streaming, it’s all about what’s new. At least it is for me. When you’re binge watching as much as we do, you quickly burn through an original series. More often than not, I’m asking Mrs. Buckler if there’s anything new to watch. “You’re the one who writes a streaming column,” she responded. Touché! So, I did a little digging and found three original series that are debuting this weekend. Each of them is on a different streaming service provider, and each is unique in its own right. Check it out, streamers!

Amazon Prime Video: Just Add Magic: Mystery City

Here’s something that I think the kids will enjoy. It looks like a modern, urban American version of Harry Potter and it debuts on January 17:

Apparently, this is a spin-off of the Just Add Magic TV series, which is based on the book by Cindy Callaghan. The original series was released in June 2016 and became one of the most-watched Amazon original kids premieres. Does this mean we can expect something similar from Mystery City? I wouldn’t be surprised. Based on the trailer, this series seems to capture the same magical, mystical whimsy of the Harry Potter series in an American setting. I have a feeling some of my kids will dig it and maybe Mrs. Buckler too.

HBO: Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 10

Curb Your Enthusiasm fans, this is the moment we’ve all been (im)patiently waiting for. Larry seems to be aware of this:

Larry David, our favorite socially awkward malcontent, returns to HBO on January 19. What can I say about this hilarious HBO original series that hasn’t already been said? Judging by the trailer, and nine years of watching this show, I expect more of the usual fare. Larry will take issue with a variety of social conventions and expectations, and he’ll get himself into trouble. Predictable? Formulaic? Yeah, it is both… but that is why we love it so much. Larry has an awesome formula, plain and simple. Look, few else can handle this type of cringe-comedy so masterfully s. Here’s to another season!

Hulu: Everything’s Gonna Be Okay

When a single dad is facing his final days, who becomes the guardian of his daughters? His oldest son, of course. That’s the premise of Hulu’s Everything’s Gonna Be Okay, which premiers January 17:

If you read this weekly column, you might know that I don’t have Hulu. But trailers like this one make me wish I did. Seriously. As parents of an autistic child, Mrs. Buckler and I watch shows that have characters with this condition. (This is why we enjoy watching Netflix’s Atypical.) If you’ve watched the trailer, you’ll know that the autism spectrum plays a strong part in the life of at least one character. Stuart Sweet is a Hulu man if there ever was one. Maybe he’ll stream this original series and let us know how it plays out in a future Streaming Saturday post?

Streamers, Keep One Thing in Mind…

…These three shows are the only ones debuting this weekend. These are just the three that I found most interesting based on their titles and trailers. I really hope you stream at least one of them. If you do, feel free to share your thoughts about it in the comments section of this blog. Yes, I have my particular tastes in movies and TV shows, but I know that there’s a whole world out there beyond my perception. That’s why I’m asking YOU to share your thoughts about what makes the best streaming for you.

Here’s an overview of this weekend’s new releases on some of the streaming services:

HBO’s Hottest New Shows:

The New Pope (1/13)

Real Time with Bill Maher (1/17)

Curb Your Enthusiasm (1/19)

It’s Happening on Hulu

Lodge 49 (1/13)

Good Trouble (1/16)

Endlings (1/17)

Everything’s Gonna be Okay (1/17)

Grown-ish (1/17)

What’s New on Netflix

The Healing Powers of Dude (1/13)

Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts (1/14)

The Master (1/14)

Big Fat Liar (1/15)

Grace and Frankie, Season 6 (1/15)

Quien a hierro mata (1/15)

NiNoKuni (1/16)

Steve Jobs (1/16)

Ares (1/17)

Hip-Hop Evolution (1/17)

Tiny House Nation (1/17)

Tyler Perry’s A Fall from Grace (1/17)

Vivir dos veces (1/17)

Wer kann, der kann! (1/17)

The Bling Ring (1/18)

It’s Poppin’ on Prime Video

Troop Zero (1/17)

Just Add Magic: Mystery City (1/17)

Russell Peters: Deported (1/17)

Rob Delaney: Jackie (1/17)

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