What’s the best way to get 4K in your bar or restaurant?

All over the country, we’re starting to see people returning to normal habits. The latest pandemic winter isn’t over yet, but in most areas it’s leaving as quickly as it came. That’s good news for everyone. It’s incredibly good news for bar and restaurant owners who have been hit hard for the third winter in a row. Dare we hope that this is the last time we have to worry about this?

Now is the time to put in those upgrades you’ve been postponing. It’s true that budgets are tight, but you want to have the best possible experience for your visitors when they come in the door. For bars and restaurants, this means more TVs, more entertainment, more reason for people to stay in their seats for a longer period of time.

Beer math still holds up

About a decade ago, we started talking about something called “beer math.” The idea is that the longer someone stays in their seat, the more beer they drink. They eat more appetizers, and they spend more money. So how do you keep people in their seats? Give them the entertainment they want. It’s pretty clear that having tons of screens and lots of content pays for itself very easily that way.

The challenge of course is how to fill those screens. It’s cheap enough to buy televisions but what do you put on them? You probably know that it’s literally illegal to use streaming boxes in public places. You might have gotten away with it for a while, but eventually those streaming companies are going to figure it out. It’s so easy for them to figure out where you are, and that means it’s going to be easy for them to shut you down.

The best way to get those screens filled with exciting content is DIRECTV Satellite. And, the best way to do DIRECTV Satellite for a bar is a compact headend.

The COM3000 system for bars and restaurants

This is the DIRECTV COM3000 headend system for bars and restaurants. It’s a compact package that takes up about 3 slots in an equipment rack. That’s including the receivers, which are built into small blades. With this system you can have over 128 channels of entertainment and that includes DIRECTV’s award-winning 4K. You control it all using an iPad, giving you an easy way to change channels on every screen from the bar or from the office.

Best of all, the wiring is so much simpler than it’s ever been. This is a headend system which means that a single coaxial cable goes to each television. You can use taps and splitters to make wiring incredibly easy. Yes, you should use specific hospitality-grade TVs, but they aren’t any more expensive than other similar quality TVs. If you already have TVs, there are converter boxes available.

The easy way to upgrade

When you’re ready to make a move to crystal-clear 4K for your bar or restaurant, call the experts at Signal Connect! We’re here to make the process easy for you. We can help you figure out exactly what you’ll need, design a system to your specifications, and ship it to you ready to go so that our installation tech can make quick work of putting it in. We’ll also work with the people you’ve worked with if you prefer.

It all starts with a call to 888-233-7563 during East Coast business hours. You’ll get connected to an expert who understands your needs and speaks your language. We’re ready to help! Signal Connect has driven successful installations for bar and restaurant owners all over the country… will you be next?

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