YES YOU CAN: Use an older DIRECTV Receiver with a Genie

DIRECTV’s system is the most flexible in the business. You can literally expand your home theatre system with as many receivers as you want. Other systems don’t let you expand at all, or if they do you have a very limited range of receivers to choose from.

That’s why DIRECTV is so awesome. Even if you have a Genie, you can expand with as many HR24 DVRs and H25 receivers as you want. Up to 15 devices can share programming with each other, and if you have more than that, you can have as many groups as you want, all sharing programming within that group. If you wanted to have 100 receivers and DVRs in your home, you could do it.

The only thing you can’t do is have multiple Genie DVRs… they’re still pretty stubborn about that, but it doesn’t really matter. You can start with the one Genie and add more DVRs, as many as you want, and that keeps giving you more recording capacity. You can have a Genie and 5 regular DVRs for the ability to record 15 things at once and share them with as many devices as you want, with no problem at all. If you want more than that, it’s possible but a little harder.

You can even combine much older equipment like the DIRECTV D10 standard definition receiver, just by using a multiswitch that supports “legacy” receivers. At most, this means swapping out the front part of your dish and running four lines to an external switch. It’s really not that hard. We have an award-winning tutorial that shows how it’s done, and it’s free to download.

Bottom line… if you’re considering building the king of all man-caves, there’s only one choice for you and that’s DIRECTV.

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Stuart Sweet
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