YES YOU CAN: Use an older DIRECTV Receiver with a Genie

DIRECTV’s system is the most flexible in the business. You can literally expand your home theatre system with as many receivers as you want. Other systems don’t let you expand at all, or if they do you have a very limited range of receivers to choose from.

That’s why DIRECTV is so awesome. Even if you have a Genie, you can expand with as many receivers as you want. Up to 15 devices can share programming with each other, and if you have more than that, you can have as many groups as you want, all sharing programming within that group. If you wanted to have 100 receiver in your home, you could do it.

A few things you should know

The first thing you need to know is that you need to have the right Genie DVR. There are two Genie devices you can get right now. The first is the HR54, which is more like a traditional DVR. It records 5 programs at once and outputs to a TV as well as to client boxes. The other is the HS17 Genie 2, which is a completely different animal altogether. It’s a standalone device that records up to 7 programs at once and takes the place of several of the other “little black boxes” in your home. It doesn’t output to a TV, though.

If you have an HS17 Genie 2, you can’t have any other receivers in your home. If you have an HR54, you can. It’s as simple as that. If you have an RV or a second home, you should opt for the HR54 so you can have a receiver in those locations.

When it comes to multiple Genie DVRs… they’re still pretty stubborn about that, but it doesn’t really matter. With a Genie you’re recording 5 things at once. It’s incredibly rare that you’d need more than that, but if you did you could also rely on the tens of thousands of on demand programs that DIRECTV offers. These recorded programs are available on up to 15 TVs of your choosing.

If you truly want more capacity than that, the option is to simply have a second DIRECTV account. While it’s a pricy option, it’s there for you and a lot of our high-end customers do this so they can have ultimate flexibility.

Hello, 4K

DIRECTV has the most live 4K programming of any pay television service and with a Genie system, you can have 4K clients that give you Dolby Atmos and crystal-clear 4K. With an HR54 system you can watch one 4K program at a time. With an HS17 system you can watch three at a time. It’s up to you.

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