Why live with poor cell reception at home?

Well, are you? I know I would be if I was constantly plagued by dropped calls, missed texts, and slow or interrupted data. That weak cell phone signal is usually caused by a poor connection to the nearest cellular tower. Maybe you live in a rural area that’s far from the nearest tower. Or, you could have a lot of steel, stucco, and weather-treated glass in your home or office. Distance and obstructions can cause poor cellular reception and leave you saying, “My cell phone signal is weak” A cell phone booster can help, but which one do you need? It all depends on how big your home is.

The Best Cell Phone Booster…

…Depends on the size of the area you’re trying to cover. What’s ideal for improving coverage in a big home or office might be too much for a condo or apartment. If you’re ready to fix the cellular connection in your home, there’s no reason to spend more money than you have to. There’s also no reason to not get the right cell booster the first time. To help you do both, we’ve come up with this easy formula:

  1. If you have a 1,500 square foot area, you’re a 1.
  2. Homeowners with 5,000 square feet are a 2.
  3. And anyone with up to 7,500 square feet is a 3.

So, what’s with the numbers? (I know you’re wondering.) It’s how we help YOU get the booster you need. Below are the product recommendations for each of those designations. First, find the number that corresponds to the size of the area you need to boost in the section below. Once you do that, read the information in that section.

1. Cellular Signal Booster for 1,500 Square Feet

So, we’re guessing that you need to improve cellular connection in your condo or apartment. Or maybe you just need something to extend connectivity down to the basement or a garage? Either way, the weBoost Home Room cell booster kit is the perfect solution. It improves service for multiple users no matter what device or carrier they use. You also might like to know there are no monthly fees with this device. You just buy it and start boosting!

For many people, the Home Room is their introduction to cell phone booster kits. If you’re new to this, you need to know that a cell booster system consists of an outdoor antenna, the booster itself, and an indoor antenna. Here’s how those three components work together to improve your cell phone signal:

  • The outdoor antenna accesses voice and 3G, 4G, and LTE data signal then delivers it to the booster.
  • The booster receives the signal, amplifies it, and sends it to the indoor antenna.
  • The indoor antenna broadcasts the signal throughout your home, office, vehicle, boat, etc.
  • This process simultaneously works in reverse whenever you make a call or send data.

There’s something else you should know about cell phone boosters. These devices are very easy to install. But don’t take our word for it:

2. Cell Phone Booster for Up to 5,000 Square Feet

Okay, you came here because you need to boost cell connection in a 5,000 square-foot area. We’re probably talking about larger homes and even some offices. For that, you need the weBoost Home Multiroom cell booster kit. It has all the great features that every weBoost cell phone booster kit offers:

  • Works with any cellular device.
  • Compatible with any U.S. wireless carrier.
  • Improves cell service for multiple users within its range.
  • No monthly charges; just buy it and boost.
  • It comes with everything you need: Outdoor antenna, booster, indoor antenna, and power supply.

Best of all, it’s very easy to set up. Check out this video where Stuart Sweet walks you through the process:

3. Cell Signal Booster for Up to 7,500 Square Feet

You’re here because you have a huge space to cover. We’re guessing you want to boost cellular connection for a large room in your house. Or perhaps you want it for a medium-sized office, pole barn or other out-building where you spend time. Whatever your application, we recommend the weBoost Home Complete cell booster kit. Here’s why:

  • It improves cellular service for multiple users and devices in areas up to 7,500 square feet.
  • The kit comes with everything you need: Outdoor antenna, indoor antenna, booster, and power supply.
  • It’s compatible with any cell phone and carrier.
  • And, there are NO monthly fees.

Most importantly, it’s easy to set up, as my friend Stuart Sweet will show you:

One More Thing About Cell Phone Boosters…

…The info here is a general guideline for most people with poor cellular reception at home. There’s really only one way to be sure you’re getting the cell booster you need, and that’s to call Solid Signal. Our cell booster experts will determine which is the best model for fixing your weak cell phone signal. To get that expert product recommendation, call us at 888-233-7563 or fill out the form below. There’s no reason why you should have spotty cellular service at home or anywhere else!

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