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DisplayPort cables… We have them if you need them. But how do you know you need them?

Solid Signal is all about customer service. Not wasting your time is a HUGE part of that. If you know exactly which DisplayPort cables you need, go straight to our online inventory. I’m sure you’ll find exactly what you need there. We’re talking about a selection of these cables from Hall Research, Kramer, and other top brands. If you want to know a little bit more about these devices, then keep reading.

What is a DisplayPort?

When you use the term, it refers to two things. First, there are DisplayPort inputs. These look a lot like HDMI inputs with one major difference. HDMI inputs are found on PCs, monitors, and TVs, but DisplayPorts are only found on PCs and monitors. Due to its unique technology, that’s where DisplayPort inputs are typically found.

The term “DisplayPort” also refers to DisplayPort cables and adapters. These obviously connect to DisplayPort inputs, and are typically used to connect video sources to display devices. (Think computer monitors.) You can also use DisplayPort cables to transfer audio, USB, and other data. You can even drive multiple monitors from one DisplayPort connection instead of using multiple ports.

“Which DisplayPort Cable Do I Need?”

That’s a great question! And I know that BEST person for the answer. His name is Stuart Sweet, and many of us refer to him as the “master plumber” around here. No, he’s not a plumber; someone just started calling him that and it stuck. Stuart is a master though, and it’s of all things consumer electronic products. If you have a question about DisplayPort cables, he is definitely the person to ask.

We’re very fortunate to have Stuart here at Solid Signal, and so are you. He’s helped more people than he can count, and he can help you too. If you have a specific question about DisplayPort cables, you can ask him directly. Just drop your question in a post on the Support from Solid Signal Facebook page. Post your question there, and he’ll answer you. You might also get some helpful advice from one of the other knowledgeable techies on there.

Move over, Buckler

Hey there, dear readers, Stuart here. What Buckler didn’t really explain is why you would want a DisplayPort Cable, or even if they’re still “a thing” in 2021.

Yes, they’re a thing. But, I’ll be honest, they’re less of a thing than they used to be. HDMI and Thunderbolt are much more popular display technologies today. DisplayPort isn’t really better or worse than HDMI. It carries the same high-quality signals.

However, some computer and video makers prefer DisplayPort. It’s an open standard, while HDMI isn’t. That’s right, every device with an HDMI port means one more chunk of change in the pockets of the HDMI people. It’s not a lot of money, and sometimes it’s just the principle of the thing. Some computer and video card makers prefer to keep an open standard going, and some don’t.

Your choice of whether or not to use DisplayPort usually comes down to whether or not the device you bought uses it. It’s very rare that a device would have both HDMI and DisplayPort, although some monitors do.

And now back to your regularly scheduled Buckler.


You don’t need to reach out to Stuart if you have a question about a product in our inventory. For that, you can just give Solid Signal a call. Any one of the customer service reps in our US-based office will be happy to answer your questions. In other words, you won’t be put on hold. So, if you have questions, call 888-233-7563. You also can fill out the form below and send it to us.

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