Announcing new WilsonPro Enterprise 1300 and 4300 series boosters

Malls are dead. Movie theaters are suffering. As the internet continues to seep into every bit of our lives, large retailers and offices are struggling to find ways to bring people together. It’s hard to know how to get people out of their homes when everything they could ever want is right there.

It’s been a slow process but businesses of all kinds have begun to realize that providing good cell service is a bare minimum to get people to show up. Retailers have resisted the idea for years. I’ve heard store owners say that they didn’t even want people to have good cell service because they’re worried their customers will just search Amazon for everything they want. But, folks this is 2019. People don’t want to walk into dead spots. They don’t want to be away from the people who want to text them, call them, tag them or share with them.

Finally, someone’s doing something about it.

Large in-building cell boosters have been around for a while. Both WilsonPro and SureCall have been providing great solutions for bad cell service, but for some reason they’ve run into resistance. Finally, there’s a new solution that’s as close to perfect as possible.

WilsonPro has just announced their 1300 and 4300 series Enterprise-level cell booster systems. Available in wall-mount and rack-mount versions, the 1300 and 4300 provide powerful, easy-to-install ways to make sure that people get great cell service in large spaces.

What makes these boosters so special?

The difference is the new Multi-Tower Technology used by these two systems. Multi-Tower Technology means that independent antennas can be used for each of the primary cell bands. These special-purpose antennas help you aim precisely to make sure you get max coverage. Finally, booster manufacturers have realized that all cell signals don’t come from the same tower. This new tech give you maximum reception power even if your cell towers are in different places.

Both the Enterprise 1300 and Enterprise 4300 series use multi-tower technology. If you’re one of those lucky folks who does get all your service from one tower, you can choose to use a single antenna instead.

Easy management

Once installed, these boosters should continue giving great service without any help from an installer or operator. That’s good news for overworked facilities managers who don’t have time to babysit flaky electronics. That’s why WilsonPro is such a great choice. You can choose to manage the booster systems through WilsonPro’s cloud and app, turning on and off bands, making critical adjustments, and getting notifications if something has gone wrong. The boosters have built-in wired Ethernet or can use their LTE modems for easy functionality if desired.

The power is amazing

WilsonPro has always been at the forefront of cell booster technology and has worked with federal regulators to make sure their systems always have the maximum power. With scorching output power of +26dBm uplink and +17dBm downlink, these systems have what it takes to reach distant cell towers and bring great cell service to areas that never had it before.

The extra power helps this system cover even hard-to-reach parts of a building with great service. Before this system became available, building owners often had to use extra indoor antennas and supplementary boosters for those weird nooks and crannies or well-insulated spaces. Today it’s easier than ever to use one super-powered system for an entire large space.

Choosing the right system

Choose the Enterprise 1300 or 1300R (rack mount version shown above) to cover a space of up to 40,000 square feet with as little as one antenna. The Enterprise 4300 or 4300R takes everything that’s great about the 1300 series and uses four independent amplifiers to provide coverage of up to 100,000 square feet with as little as four antennas. Unlike other systems that split out one amplifier for four outputs, the WilsonPro solution is truly four cell boosters in one.

We all know someone who needs better cell service.

When you walked out of the movie theater this summer, did your phone light up with missed messages? When you left the restaurant, was there an urgent “where u at” on your phone? Step 1 for you: complain. Complain to the management that you don’t get good cell service. Let someone know that it’s important to you and you’ll stop spending money with them if they don’t make things better.

When retailers and business owners hear it enough, they’ll realize that a new cellular signal booster system is not an expense, it’s an investment. These boosters aren’t cheap but they are important. A business that doesn’t offer good cell service won’t stay around forever. Thanks to new Enterprise-level cellular signal boosters from WilsonPro, businesses now have the power to offer great cell service and stay successful.

If you’re interested in a WilsonPro system or any system that improves cell service in car, truck, RV, home or office, contact the folks at Solid Signal. The number is 888-233-7563 and they’re here for you during East Coast business hours. After hours, just fill in the form below and one of our solution specialists will contact you back, usually within a day.

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