BACK TO BASICS: Combo Wrench

Don’t use an adjustable wrench… and certainly don’t use pliers. When you’re attaching cables the right tools are critical. An open-end adjustable wrench won’t work in a tight situation and has a tendency to strip the corners of a connector. Pliers won’t even provide a firm, flat gripping surface in many cases. If you’re connecting and disconnecting cables you need the right wrench for the job.

This is our Perfect Vision 7/16″ combo wrench. It’s the best choice for attaching and detaching cables in a tight environment. Compression connectors are designed to work with a 7/16″ wrench. While an 11mm wrench might work in a pinch, it’s a little too tight on some connectors.

This particular wrench is chrome-vanadium steel, perfect for years of use. It has a closed-end ratcheting wrench on one side, excellent for making quick work of dust caps and terminators. The open end is specifically designed to give maximum coverage to the connector, while uniquely designed to allow you to slip it gently off and rotate it slightly. Standard open end wrenches require the wrench to be completely removed to reposition it, while this wrench makes it much easier. If you tighten and loosen a lot of cables you’ll be glad for a faster alternative.

Any 7/16″ wrench will do, and many people simply dive into a toolbox or even troll thrift shops for old tools, but for a very small cash outlay, why not have the best tool for the job?