Announcing weBoost Home Multiroom and Home Complete cellular signal boosters

I’ve said it before. Pretty much every home should have a cellular signal booster. The building materials used in homes just soak up cell signals. It’s not uncommon to have only one bar inside when you have four bars outside. I don’t know why builders haven’t caught onto this, but they haven’t. It’s up to you.

The leader in home cell boosters

weBoost practically invented the cellular signal booster. Originally known as Wilson Electronics, the company pioneered cell booster technology and went on over the course of the last twenty years to work with regulators and carriers to make sure that everyone who wants a booster can get one.

weBoost, an American company with headquarters in Utah, has been manufacturing cellular signal boosters for a generation. Their latest boosters are the Home and Connect lines. Connect boosters are designed more for industrial use, for people who aren’t quite ready to step up to a WilsonPro product. That’s left a bit of a gap for higher-end homes.

What do you do if you have a big house?

Should you step up to a Connect series booster? Or should you consider multiple boosters? Now, you have better options.

This is the weBoost Home Complete cell booster. It can cover a home of up to 7,500 square feet with great cell signal. It’s the booster you need if you’re a movie mogul or sports figure. This booster is solid.

If your style isn’t quite as lavish, choose the weBoost Home Multiroom cell booster. It can cover up to 5,000 square feet and it comes at a lower price than the Home Complete.

What’s so special about these boosters?

Cell booster technology keeps improving. Sure, these boosters have similar gain levels to older boosters. The Home Multiroom has 65dB gain while the Home Complete has 72dB, the most allowable in a home installation. There’s more to the story than that.

What everyone wants: more power

Thanks to long negotiations with federal regulators, the new weBoost boosters have more broadcast power than older boosters. This means you can reach towers that are further away and also you get more coverage inside the house.

Easy installation

The new outdoor antenna is designed to work with any post or mast you have on your roof already. It can also work with practically any mount sold at Solid Signal. The new indoor antenna is stylish, covered in fabric and designed to fit into your lifestyle, not stick out. And, the booster itself can mount using command strips or screws. It’s designed to be put out of sight and not bother you.

Sprint. Yes, even Sprint

These boosters cover band 25 at 1900MHz, making them one of the only systems on the market that will work with some Sprint LTE coverage. Sprint uses some off-the-beaten-path frequencies and most boosters won’t give you data boosts with Sprint. These will in most cases.

Dare I say it? STYLE

There’s nothing wrong with the older weBoost boosters and honestly they were a great look when they first came out. The older cell boosters they replaced had a very industrial aesthetic which didn’t make sense in a home. These new boosters are so handsome you almost don’t want to hide them. This is a very high-end look which will tell people that you are looking out for their cell reception. How much more hospitable could you be?

You get everything you need.

Both boosters give you everything you need for a successful installation. You’ll get all the plugs, clips, and wires, plus all the mounting equipment you could want. This is an easy project for one person. You might want to have a second person around just because that’s always a good idea when you are up on the roof, but really this is a very simple install no matter which booster you need.

Shop for cellular signal boosters at Solid Signal

Even if you don’t need a superpowered booster like one of these, you’ll find the booster you want when you shop at Solid Signal. You’ll find boosters for home, office, car, RV and even large venues. It doesn’t matter if you need a booster for 50 or 50,000 square feet. We can help, We have all the top brands like weBoost, WilsonPro, SureCall and others. If you need advice, we’re no more than a phone call away at 888-233-7563.


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