The BEST radio antenna ever

If you’re serious about radio, you need to get serious about this antenna. Not much to look at, the Pixel AM/FM External Outdoor High Definition Radio Antenna is the absolute cream of the crop for people who are desperate for that old-school broadcast lovin’.  It mounts outdoors or in the attic and gives you absolutely top-notch radio reception.

There’s not a whole lot that I can say about this antenna except  it just works. DX Engineering is not the first manufacturer to make an antenna from these plans, but they are the only company currently licensed to make them. If you see an imposter and it doesn’t carry the Pixel name, keep moving because if you’re interested in the absolute top quality you want this antenna, not a cheap imitation.

At Solid Signal, we’ve been carring the Pixel AFHD4 for years and I am always amazed at how well it sells. You would think that there would be some dropoff, that pretty much everyone who wants a radio antenna would have one, but this thing just keeps on selling like hotcakes. Think about that the next time someone tells you broadcast radio is dead — it clearly isn’t.

The Pixel Antenna’s pretty big — a little under five feet when it’s all put up. Of course it puts that size to good use with radio reception of up to 80 miles or even further on clear nights with AM radio. I’ve heard of people getting AM from hundreds of miles away, although I wouldn’t promise that kind of result for anyone. All I’m saying is that if any radio antenna can do it, this one can.


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