Can You Use a Cell Booster in an RV?

You can bring a lot from home… but you can’t bring your home cell booster. It’s not that it wouldn’t work, so much as it would potentially cause havoc on the roads as you basically boosted everyone around you. If you need a good cell booster for the RV, there are three excellent choices from Wilson Electronics.

If you’re looking for something simple and inexpensive, consider the SmoothTalker Mobile X1. It should cover your average size RV and provide voice and 3G data service throughout. These boosters use lower power levels than your home booster but then again, for most of us an RV is smaller than our home so it balances out. The only issue here is that you don’t get any help for those 4G or LTE frequencies, so if the kids in the back want to stream Netflix while you’re driving, you’ll need another solution.

Remember of course… that all cellular boosters including mobile ones need to be registered with your carrier. All the cell boosters offered by Solid Signal have been pre-approved by all the major carriers and most of the minor carriers, and they can’t turn you down unless they can prove there will be a problem.