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DIYers, rejoice. We’re proud to announce our new Solid Signal Brand antenna masts and tripods. These are the right tripods at the right price for anyone who is looking for maximum elevation and maximum reception. Let’s take a look at what just showed up at our corporate headquarters:

The Solid Signal Heavy Duty Mast

Looking for an antenna mast that will take the wind and weather? Check out the sturdy construction of this 1.25″ outer diameter mast. Five feet long and built to last. Sure, it’s a metal pipe. How much can you get excited about a metal pipe?

Well, this metal pipe will keep the TV reception coming when you need it most… during a storm. Even large deep fringe antennas are no problem for this mast. Click here to go to our order page.

The Solid Signal Universal Antenna Tripod

What good is a mast if there is no way to mount it? That’s where our Universal Antenna tripod comes in. Mount it as high on the roof as you want, even on the peak. It’s designed to hold up to the elements and supports all masts up to 1.75″ outer diameter.

This tripod’s got the muscle… heavy duty metal tubing keeps it stable no matter where you mount it. All it takes is a quick trip to a hardware store to get the specific pitch pads and lag bolts you need for your specific install. Click here to go to our order page.

You should know that this tripod is designed to be a mounted permanently and you will need to drill holes in the roof. We sell non-penetrating mounts as well but a non-penetrating mount will not give you the level of wind and weather protection you expect in a permanent installation.

If you need it all…

We’ve put together a kit that includes our mast and tripod, so it’s easy to get everything you need in one place. Just click here for our mast and tripod combo!

A quick note… these parts are designed for antennas. Some satellite dishes will mount on them but DIRECTV and DISH equipment has very specific needs. We offer our Ronard Ultra Duty Tripod which will support even the heaviest DIRECTV dishes.

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