Why DIRECTV for Business matters in an emergency

It’s not just entertainment. DIRECTV takes its commitment to its customers very seriously. When something important happens like a hurricane or tornado, DIRECTV is first to put up a national information channel to let everyone across the country know what’s going on. This is a critical service and DIRECTV deserves a lot of credit.

If you’re in an area that’s directly affected by this kind of event, this information is incredibly important to businesses that want to stay open as long as possible. Employees need to know if their homes will be safe, and only DIRECTV for Business can bring this kind of security. If you’re outside the area, DIRECTV can help keep your employees informed about loved ones.

The internet is notoriously bad about disaster coverage. While there may be hundreds of twitter pictures out there and youtube videos may show the latest, good news coverage during a distaster requires professionals who’ve been there before and can put a focus on the story. In truly bad situations there may be no cellular or home internet coverage at all, while microwave broadcast trucks can bring coverage from anywhere. In fact, during times of crisis, the internet slows down while television stays on no matter how many people watch.

Even though it may not make sense to you at first, DIRECTV for Business can actually increase productivity. A TV on in the background is easy to ignore, while the lure of searching for live coverage on the internet takes active participation and draws coworkers to one desk, stopping business cold.

Remember too that your employees and customers are real people with real lives. (I know, that’s a fairly revolutionary thought.) In times of crisis they crave information and if you’re the one to provide it, that makes you look better. On the other hand, if your people have to resort to using their phones to get the news they need, it’s not only distracting but lowers morale at a time when you may be asking them to work harder, stay longer or put their own needs behind those of your customer.

Not only that, DIRECTV is unique among providers in integrating antenna TV into the receiver guide. This is critical at times of emergency when rain fade caused by heavy storms may be an issue. Having an antenna for backup can make the difference between knowing and not knowing.

DIRECTV’s private viewing packages for business are far less expensive than you would think. It’s true that a lot of packages are based on fire code occupancy, but if your goal is to have DIRECTV in the breakroom or the owner’s office, it’s really a very minimal expense. You may not use it every day but on days like today you will be glad you did!

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