NEW VIDEO: Solid Signal’s key organizer

You’ve seen videos of products like this. They promise you’ll never again stab yourself with your keys. This innovative keychain lets you keep your keys in style and even gives you features that similar products don’t have.

How it works

The device itself is something like a jackknife. Using a flathead screwdriver, you take it apart and then reassemble it putting plastic spacers between your keys. This lets all your keys fit nicely in one folding package.

Take a look in this video we’ve produced:

In which you can see everything you need to know.

Not just a keychain

You can see in the video that thanks to some smart design this isn’t just a keychain. Two sets of notches give you some clever choices:

Just by tilting the thing on its side you can use it for a phone stand. No I can’t guarantee it will work with every phone with the blockiest of cases but as you can see it will work with most modern phones in slim cases.

You can also see a second notch that’s curved to allow you to easily open bottles. Sure a lot of bottles today are screw-tops but this lets you get at those craft beers or imported sodas with ease. It’s a  great way to impress your friends at parties.

We call it the 8-key organizer but…

It actually comes with extra spacers and posts that let you add another four keys for a full dozen. It’s a great product that works as a gift for someone else or for yourself!

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