The Swann Driveway Alert Sensor from Solid Signal

We all have to be mindful about our safety when we’re at home. It’s just the state of the world we live in. It’s also good to have a heads up whenever someone drops by unexpectedly. That’s what makes the Swann wireless driveway alert system such an important device for your home or business. It’s inexpensive and easy to use. Best of all, there are no loud buzzers or bells to let you know someone is pulling into your driveway or walking up to your door. This and many other features make this the best driveway motion alert system for your home or business.

The Swann Driveway Alert Sensor

This outdoor motion sensor is the perfect device for letting you know when you have visitors. Depending on where you set it, it can alert you whenever someone drives into your driveway, or walks to your door. Instead of loud, blaring bells and whistles, the Swann device alerts you with a gentle chime. It’s adjustable volume puts you in total control of how loudly you want to be alerted.

The water-resistant Swann Driveway Alert also comes with these features:

  • Volume switch
  • Alarm/chime/off select switch
  • Low battery LED indicator for transmitter and receiver
  • Wireless RF transmission up to 200 feet

When it comes to installation, the Swann Driveway Alert sets up in a snap. Simply place the monitor/transmitter nearly anywhere in your driveway, or around your home or business. The next step is to place the receiver unit within 200 feet of the transmitter. Yes, it really is that easy to set up this driveway alert motion detector.

Why We Got the Swann Driveway Alert System

The living room and kitchen window of our condo face the street. Normally, we’re able to see visitors before they even get out of their car. Since our homeowners association recently put up new vinyl fencing around our home, our view to the street is blocked. It didn’t take long for us to notice that the doorbell would ring before we’d realize we had company. With the Swann Driveway Alert strategically placed in our patio, the chimes give us a heads up when someone’s come for a visit. Frankly, the Buckler family likes a little time to mentally prepare for company, and this device lets us do that.

We’ve only had one problem with the Swann Driveway Alert Sensor, but it my fault.  On garbage night, Mrs. Buckler puts all the filled trash bags out on the porch for me to take out later.  Unfortunately, one night, I forgot to do my trash duties.  At about 3:30 AM, the entire family awoke to the sound of the alert system’s chime.  I grabbed my baseball bat and charged to the front door, but the only intruder I found was an opossum.  The scruffy and mangy beast was tearing into the trash bags to get at the “delicacies” inside.  I managed to scare him off before I cleaned the mess and got the trash to its designated spot.  Needless to say, Mrs. Buckler didn’t appreciate losing sleep because of my mistake.  By the time Mrs. Buckler got done with me, I looked worst than the ‘possum!

Get the Swann Driveway Alert System

Swann is a top-selling manufacturer of security and surveillance equipment and Solid Signal proudly carries the company’s products. To help keep you alerted to visitors, we offer this driveway alert motion detector at an amazingly low price. If you’re ready for a little peace of mind around your home or office, order this driveway motion alert today and enjoy our fast, friendly service. If you have questions about this or any other Swann product, give us a call at 888-233-7563. The electronics product experts at Solid Signal are always ready to help.

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