What is an outlet saver?

The best thing since sliced bread? That may be saying a little much, but an outlet saver is going to make it a lot easier to manage all those electronic devices and chargers that make life in the 2010s possible.

We are all besieged in our everyday lives by wall warts. You know what I’m talking about here, those blocky plugs that cover up half the outlet or power strip. They make it hard to plug in as many things as you want, and it seems like everything uses one.

Manufacturers like warts because they move the heat-generating parts of the power supply away from sensitive electronic components. This means that everything lasts longer, and because the power supply is the component that fails first in most cases, when there is a failure it’s cheaper to fix.

Of course, the big problem is that wall warts are so… well… big. They cover up other outlets and that means it’s hard to plug stuff in. An outlet saver fixes that problem. It’s essentially a very short power cord that separates the wall wart from the wall. (What does that make it? Just a wart?) Solid Signal sells them in a 5-pack that cuts down on shipping costs, and trust me once you have 5, you’ll want 5 more.

You’ll immediately enjoy the benefit of seeing outlets you haven’t seen in years, and plugging more things into a power strip than you ever did before! Just be careful of course, not to overload anything. With great power, as they say, comes great responsibility.

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Stuart Sweet
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