Why the %#^& would anyone want a radio that’s this expensive

Take a look. This C-Crane Skywave radio is one of our top sellers at Solid Signal. I know, I didn’t believe it either. But not only does it sell really well month after month, it’s one of our most requested products when it does go out of stock. It’s a proven winner.

There’s something about this radio

This is a real quality item. Its big speaker and top-notch components mean that you’ll get the same sound you’d expect from listening to the radio in a luxury car. It’s also more than AM and FM. You can monitor everything all the way up to the aviation bands with this thing. It even works with shortwave, so you get get into listening to what those crazy ham operators are up to.

Add in high-quality components, tons of presets, and ridiculously long battery life and you’ve got something really special.

Too good to sit in an emergency kit

This radio, or a radio like it, should be part of your emergency kit. It’s pretty clear that emergencies happen all the time lately, and you really should have something that will help you stay connected when they do. Cell phones are great, and you should definitely have one at hand. But without a cell tower they’re useless. Without power they don’t work. On the other hand, imagine getting something ridiculous like seventy hours of use from your phone. You can’t, of course. You can get that kind of battery life out of this radio, though. Our customers tell us that our projections are dead on there. This radio will be there when you need it, with nothing more than a few AA batteries needed every so often.

When an emergency hits, “it works” are the two words you love to hear. And this radio works. It works in emergencies, but it also works every day. I’m not suggesting you go all retro and sit in the living room staring at it like it’s 1935. But this radio will be there whenever you choose to use it.

Use it at work

Hey, remember when people played the radio at work? I’m sure some offices do but most people now stream their audio. That is, unless your boss doesn’t allow it. I know enough places where they don’t let employees use internet for personal use at all. Adding insult to injury, these are usually the same places that have bad cell service. So, if you really want music, you’ll need a radio. But, even back “in the day” it was impossible to get everyone to agree on a station. That’s why this radio has a headphone jack that delivers the same great audio that its speaker has. It’s also small enough to tuck in a drawer when you go home at night. Don’t want anyone walking off with it, after all.

Get your Skywave from Solid Signal

You can find the Skywave radio from other places, I’m sure.  But, Solid Signal is the #1 dealer of Skywave radios and we offer the best prices and tons of free tech support if you need it. Why not go with the proven leader? Get yours today, and shop for everything you need for your electronic life now, at SolidSignal.com.

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