Directions. You can’t get anywhere without them. The most basic directions for aiming any satellite dish involve using the azimuth, tilt, and elevation. Some of these are marked on the mount itself but for basic azimuth you’ll need a compass heading. For a compass heading, you’ll need a compass.

You can use a smartphone, but of course if you drop it you’re in trouble. We recommend something like this Classic Pocket Compass. Its sturdy metal case and classic construction give you everything you need in a small and economical package. Use the included magnifier to get precise measurements while viewing through the lid for a precise heading. This is a durable waterproof tool based on centuries-old technology that is as effective today as it was when the ancients were sailing the oceans.

This is the kind of tool you don’t want to be without. Of course, once the satellite aiming is done you’ll have an easy and fun time hiking through your local forests, too. Just like any other compass, this one is great for finding your way whether on land or sea. Put one in an emergency kit or stow it on a boat for emergencies!