What is the best built antenna?

Sometimes there’s no substitute for the best. Not everyone plans to be a cord cutter for life but if you do, you’re going to want an antenna that gives you great performance and can stand up to the worst that time and the elements can dish out. I’ve seen a lot of antennas in my years at Solid Signal, and some of them have been pretty flimsy. Of course that’s by design — our superslim HD-BLADE isn’t supposed to be mil-spec It’s supposed to be thin and light and inexpensive. There are outdoor antennas that appeal to the new cord-cutter with prices that are really attractive but really, when it comes down to it you can’t get something for nothing and when you pay a low price you sometimes get lower quality. You’ll get an antenna that holds up for a few years, but that’s about it.

If that won’t do it for you, you need an antenna built “like we used to build them.” That’s when I recommend our exclusive line of Televes antennas. There’s a reason that Televes is the leading antenna in Europe. It’s expensive to recycle electronics there and oppressive taxes encourage people to make
long-term purchases. That translates to electronics products that are built to last longer than the typical two-year cycle we expect here in the USA.

I’ve had a chance to look at Televes antennas compared to the Chinese-made copies that look just like them and let me tell you it’s night and day. It’s not just the thickness of the aluminum and plastic (although Televes’s products do have a lot more material. It’s the solid build quality throughout. The circuit boards are thicker. The screws and fittings are stainless steel instead of zinc. There’s no “wobble” when you’re done assembling one. It’s impressive, I’ll tell you that. I thought the era of solidly built antennas was over.

I’m not saying that everyone needs to spend the extra money for Televes quality, although I have to tell you those purchasing people at Solid Signal have gotten prices down pretty low. Solid Signal has really inexpensive antennas for people who want those, and we have plenty of traditional yagi-style antennas for people who still embrace the low VHF side of the world. There are antennas for every need, and if your need is an antenna that will hold up for more than a few months, you need to shop for Televes now.

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