Does anyone really CARE if the TV in the waiting room is HD?

Heck yeah! (That’s right, I said heck!) I know it might not make sense to you but when your customers are waiting, they absolutely do care if they’re watching decent-quality HD on a large, current-model TV or if you’ve salvaged a fading 19″ tube TV from the 90s. They also notice if you’ve gone halfway and put up a decent TV with snowy SD service. They may not tell you but they do notice and they’ve made up your mind how they think about you based on how the TV looks.

Whether you have a doctor’s office, tire shop, florist, or anywhere that people have no choice but to sit and wait, you have an excellent opportunity to give people a great impression of your business. Chances are you aren’t taking advantage of it. Let’s talk about what people really think when they’re waiting.

Old, dirty SD TV with letterboxed picture that’s so small you can’t see it.
The people who are sitting in the “customer lounge” may have a choice between reading stale magazines or watching TV the old school way. They may be using their smartphones, that is if you’ve been kind enough to supply free, decent-speed Wi-Fi. Otherwise they’re probably not going to blow their data plans waiting for an oil change. Once they finish turning up their noses at the greasy, torn magazines, they’ll look at the TV.

The whole time these people are watching, they’re going to be asking themselves what’s taking so long. You haven’t made them comfortable, you’ve kept them quiet. That may be enough for you, but it isn’t enough for them.

Relatively new TV with SD “stretch-o-vision” picture
Chances are you won’t hear a complaint from folks who are watching a picture large enough to see what’s going on, but you’re not doing yourself any favors either. If you want your customers to think of you as modern, futuristic and clean, why aren’t you sending that message with your TV? People can tell the difference between stretched SD and HD and they want HD.

Large screen with HD picture
Now you’re treating people the way they deserve to be treated. People notice the little things and you’re going to get fewer complaints if you give them a decent entertainment experience. Add a larger screen (55+ inches) and a digital signage player and you have the ability to add advertising in the corners of the screen that not only entertains people and helps them pass the time, but gives your profits a bump with customized messages that actually inform your customers.

Seriously, your customers do notice the difference. They’re waiting, and you have their full attention. They’re not going anywhere. Why not take advantage of this time with a great satellite TV system and digital signage? Call Signal Connect, the corporate arm of Solid Signal, at 888-233-7563 to talk about taking your waiting room to the next level!

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