Businesses all over the country have Wi-Fi problems. Do you?

See if this sounds familiar to you. Back in March of 2020, you moved out of the office and into your back bedroom. You stayed there a while, but by the spring of 2021 you were asked to come back to the office. You felt safe, because your employer had rearranged things while you were gone. The cramped cubicles and densely-packed workspaces were gone, and in their place were spacious — and appropriately distant — personal spaces.

Of course your employer didn’t move into larger quarters. That space came from somewhere. Perhaps it used to be unused storage, or maybe a few large offices or conference rooms were eliminated. Maybe the entire office was rethought to make sure you could work safely. Sounds great, right? Of course it does.

Slowly you noticed a problem

Your new workspace doesn’t have wired networking. Not a problem, right? You’ve been working off a laptop for as long as you remember. Just connect to the office Wi-Fi. I mean, what office doesn’t have Wi-Fi? So you connect. And you don’t notice a problem at first.

Slowly, though, you begin to realize that your computer doesn’t quite seem so peppy. All your work is “in the cloud” and that cloud seems a little further away than it did when you were working from home.

You know what’s happening, right? To put it gently, the Wi-Fi in your new workplace… stinks. You’re probably over 50 feet from the router and all the metal in those commercial studs is reflecting the network signal like crazy. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

The bad Wi-Fi epidemic

Truth is, most business owners didn’t think about their office Wi-Fi much before 2020. It was there for guests, or to let people connect temporarily if they were moving. It probably wasn’t designed to be depended on every day.

But, with changes in the office configuration, all of a sudden there’s real work being done wirelessly. Wired networking will catch up eventually, but something has to be done in the meantime.

Sadly, this is happening all over the country. It’s just part of the “reopening blues” that are hitting everyone. Sure, you can go to dinner now, you can hug your grandkids (or your grandparents), and there’s plenty of toilet paper to be found. But we’re discovering a whole new class of problems that we just didn’t think about. Of course we had pretty big problems to think about this past year, so no one can be blamed.

The solution for bad Wi-Fi

You’ve heard of mesh networking. You might even have a system at home like Eero. But those consumer systems aren’t designed for the stresses of the workplace. You need a custom-built mesh network that will blanket the entire office with powerful wireless networking. And folks, that’s not the sort of thing you can just order online. Custom solutions demand experts. And it just so happens you have a friend in the business.

Business Enterprise Solutions to the rescue

Signal Group, the parent company of and of this blog, has a whole team of professionals dedicated to serving business and large enterprises. Our Business Enterprise Solutions group can design and implement network solutions for businesses of any size. It doesn’t matter if you’re in an office building with ten other people or a stadium with fifty thousand of your closest friends. The professionals at BES are here to get you the best environment possible

How it works

You’ll meet with a technical expert who will learn every possible thing about your business. They’ll design a custom system including wiring, networking, and all the equipment you need. When you’re ready, trained and certified technicians will transform your business’s physical location into just what you want. The best part? You’re working with top engineers and techs who have decades of experience with businesses like yours.

Crank up that slow Wi-Fi one more time

If you need faster internet, get your boss or facility manager to call Signal Connect Business Enterprise Solutions at 888-233-7563. We have experts on the line during East Coast business hours. If it’s later than that, fill out the form below and we’ll be happy to get back to you, usually within one business day.

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