Can you control a DIRECTV H25 receiver with an RF remote?

Easy answer… yes.

DIRECTV’s H25 receiver is the smallest standalone receiver they’ve ever made, and it’s also the fastest. It’s perfect right out of the box for most people, but there are two drawbacks: It doesn’t work at all with DIRECTV’s older “non-SWM” systems, and when you get it out of the box, it doesn’t work with DIRECTV’s RF remotes. What can be done?

It turns out the H25 does have RF capability, but unlike other receivers it requires a separate internal antenna. The cable shown above is DIRECTV’s RF Antenna for H25, and if you install it on the back of the H25, you can use any white DIRECTV RF Remote to control it. Just make sure it’s the old white square remote not the black-fronted Genie Remote, and that the model number at the top ends it “R” or “RX.” We also sell a kit that comes with the remote, antenna, and a wall mount.

With the RF remote, you can still control your TV and other home theater equipment in infrared mode, but you will be able to hide the H25 behind the TV and still control it, even across the room.

It’s true, you have to hop through a few more hoops than you would with a Genie DVR or any other device with a built-in RF antenna, but it’s still completely possible. If you need a tutorial to help you program that remote for RF mode, check out our downloadable PDF complete with a video that walks you through the entire process!

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