Can you mount an antenna on a J-mount?

Absolutely. There’s only one thing you need to worry about.

The image you see above you is a typical “J-Mount.” They’re used for mounting onto a roof or eave, but really you can mount one to pretty much any surface, whether that’s horizontal, vertical, or diagonal, as long as there’s a part of it that’s flat enough to bolt to. Some people even use them on apartment railings with a mixture of U-bolts and zip ties.

You can mount pretty much any antenna on pretty much any J-mount as long as you can actually clear the roofline or whatever it is you’re mounting to. In other words, the antenna needs to actually fit on the mount and not bump into anything. You’d be surprised how many people don’t think of that when they’re mounting an antenna. Larger antennas like our Televes DAT790 LR antenna actually mount in the middle of the antenna so they need several feet of clearance. In a case like that it’s important to test-fit the mount and antenna before bolting things down.

If you’re thinking of mounting to a roof or other flat surface where water could leak in, you should definitely consider a pitch pad like this one which will help keep water from seeping into any holes you drill, and possibly following up with roofer’s tar or any other waterproofing agent. The last thing you want is a roof leak.

If you already have a J-mount on your roof or eave because of an old satellite TV installation, it can usually be used for an antenna install. The round reflector part of the dish usually comes off by loosening the bolts that attach it. Most antennas should fit on a satellite dish’s mount as long as they are able to clear the roof line.

Mounting an antenna using a J-mount is easy, and it’s the subject of a classic video from our Solid Signal test team, presented here for your enjoyment.

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