Can you use multiple receivers with a portable satellite dish?

It actually works pretty well if you know the limitations. If you’re using any of the portable satellite dishes with two coax outputs, you can usually connect two receivers to the dish and it will work great. There are a few things you need to know, however.

  • Most portable dishes only work with one satellite at a time. That means that there may be some channels that don’t come in on the secondary receiver if you’re watching the primary receiver. This is normal.
  • If one of the receivers is a DVR, it should be set as the primary receiver and must be set to single tuner mode. You will only be able to watch or record one item at a time.
  • It is possible to connect both lines to a SWM multiswitch so you can use H25 receivers, but Genie DVRs and clients aren’t supported at all. A maximum of two receivers can be connected to a SWM on a portable dish.
  • Using non-SWM multiswitches can cause errors, as the system just isn’t designed for it. For that reason, you should never try to use more than two receivers.
  • If there is a conflict that causes one receiver or the other to stop working (and this will happen from time to time) the primary receiver will keep working and the secondary receiver will be unusable.
  • You should never use line amplifiers or splitters with a portable dish.

If you keep in mind these simple things, you should have a great time with your satellite television system!

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