NICE AND EASY: Are there “Easter Eggs” hidden in DIRECTV receivers?

If there are, I’ve never seen them in 13 years. You know what I’m talking about – often times there are hidden key combinations in software that reveal special information, tell you about the authors, or give you some superpower. I will say, I know there are certain searches that you can do that enable or disable functions, like CLEARMYBOX, but I wouldn’t call them “easter eggs.” When I think of an Easter Egg, I think of something that doesn’t really add functionality but gives geeks a reason to smile.

Like, imagine if there were a secret code that let you play Pong on your DIRECTV receiver. Stuff like that.

The truth of it is, DIRECTV’s simply too straightforward a company to engage in that sort of thing. It’s just too risky to put some sort of humorous thing into the software that’s going to be in 50 million DVRs. It’s not something people are expecting, and so when they see it, it’s going to be the cause of some long calls to support. DIRECTV doesn’t want that, of course, since support time costs money.

At one time, there actually was one Easter Egg, but I just checked and it’s long since gone. Back when on demand first rolled out, and I want to say this was about 2008, if you searched for an on demand clip called “Balls on Fire” it played Never Gonna Give You Up. And that’s what you get for searching, I suppose.

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