Can you use a cell booster in a leased vehicle?

This question gets asked a lot and the answer is simple: yes. Even if you lease your car, you can use a cellular signal booster to get the best possible signal while you’re driving. You just need to know the limitations.

Step 1: Know what your lease agreement allows.

Most vehicle lease agreements actually do let you make changes to the car. You can change rims, add an aftermarket radio, and really make the car your own if you want to. You can even add an anti-theft system if your car doesn’t already have one. However, don’t take my word for it. Every lease agreement is different and you should be careful to read anything you’re planning on signing.

Step 2: Choose the right booster.

Most vehicle cell boosters don’t even need installation. Something like weBoost’s Drive Sleek give one device great service with no permanent installation required. You just put the magnet mounted antenna on the roof and connect the cradle to a vent. Really, that’s it. This is something that absolutely would do no damage to a vehicle because nothing is getting attached permanently.

If you want to give everyone in the car great cell service, you’ll want a multi-user booster like the weBoost Drive Reach. This new booster blows the competition out of the water, supplying the whole car, truck, SUV or even RV with great signal. It uses an outdoor magnet mounted antenna and the indoor bits can attach with Velcro and adhesives so you don’t have to drill a single hole if you don’t want to.

Step 3: Decide on a plan.

If you do want a really permanent installation, plan to mount the booster itself in the lower part of the trunk. You can bolt it in usually with two holes. The cables are thin enough that they can snake under carpet and in the gap between rear seat and trunk. Although there will end up being two small holes in the trunk, this is really a very minor change the car. It might not even be noticed when you return it, or if you are the honest sort you can plug the holes with rubber plugs once you remove the booster. All the cables can snake back out. If you did use adhesive, a little “Goo-Gone” will help get the guck off the car.

There’s no reason to put off getting a booster.

Honestly this is a great time to put in a cell booster. It’s an investment that costs less than half what a typical phone costs. It can outlast four generations of phones. Multi-user boosters handle every phone that’s in the vehicle.

When you think about why you got a cell phone in the first place, it was probably to have something in the car for emergencies. Now you need to do more than that. You have the power not only to have a phone in your hand, but you can actually control whether or not you get service in sketchy areas. Whether or not you have a leased car, this is a great upgrade and you should shop for cellular signal boosters now at Solid Signal.

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