Can you use a Genie client without a Genie DVR?

This one comes to us from a customer:

Can I get a C41 Genie to replace my DIRECTV box? I don’t want the DVR, just the little genie.

This is actually a pretty common request from customers who want basic DIRECTV service. When they call AT&T directly, they’re told that they Genie system is their only choice. Maybe they don’t need a multiroom DVR system.

You can’t have a Genie client without a Genie DVR, sorry.

The Genie Mini client only works with the Genie system. If you try to hook it up to a dish directly it won’t do anything. And I understand that is a shame, because it’s a pretty good box. It’s perfectly silent, tiny, and does everything you want it to do for DIRECTV satellite service. But, all that is smoke and mirrors. The Genie client isn’t really doing anything but passing remote commands back the Genie DVR, and getting video from that DVR. It’s small and quiet because really, it’s not much more than a simple adapter.

Are there any other options?

Luckily, there are. The folks at AT&T won’t tell you this, but you can still activate the H24 and H25 receivers. While they aren’t as small as the Genie client, they are just as quiet and just as reliable. The H24 is bigger and works well even with the oldest dishes. The H25 is smaller, almost as small as a Genie client, but it only works with the SWM system which has been used by DIRECTV since 2009.

How to get the equipment you want

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Don’t get pushed around.

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