Why choose Xtreme Signal antennas?

If you’re looking for the perfect mix of quality and price, look no further. Solid Signal’s house brand of antennas is the perfect choice for you.

Choose the right antenna for you

We know that people buy antennas for a lot of different reasons. Some folks are looking for a 50-year investment, something to put on a house for generations to enjoy. Other people are just dipping their feet into cord-cutting and they’re not sure if they’re even interested. Those folks usually shop for the least expensive option possible. Most people fall somewhere in the middle. It’s easy to overspend on your first antenna. Solid Signal has a free referral service that will help you choose the right one for you, but it won’t tell you if “the antenna culture” is right for you.

What you get when you use an antenna

An over-the-air antenna gives you freedom. Put that antenna up and you’re likely to get dozens of channels that you never even knew about. You’ll also get the best possible quality and a signal that comes to you a few seconds before it comes over cable or satellite. Over-the-air antennas work when the cable is out. They work when the internet is down. And, they keep working day after day.

The limitations of the antenna lifestyle.

In general, live TV using an antenna is just that… live. Unless you add additional hardware, you’re watching something that’s gone in a moment. Pausing live TV takes an extra purchase. Recording it does too. But, those are really lesser concerns compared to years past. There are plenty of ways to get programs “on demand” after they air. Live TV is for those immediate moments, for those times when you want to see it NOW. Think about reality shows, sports, and news. Getting them the next day doesn’t really matter. But getting them first, getting them best… an antenna will help you with that.

Choosing “Mr. Right Now”

Today, the average person shops for consumer electronics every 3-5 years. There’s always something new coming along and it seems silly to invest way too much in something that you’ll just want to upgrade at that time. Xtreme Signal antennas by SolidSignal.com hit the sweet spot. They offer a mix of durability and performance at a price that won’t take a big dent out of your budget. They’re designed to last years with solid aluminum construction and quality components.

Most Xtreme Signal antennas are designed as UHF antennas, because that’s where most TV stations are. Even if their channel numbers are below 14, they are still probably broadcasting on UHF now. That’s a change from years past that you should know about.

Whether you need an antenna so small you can use it indoors or the largest outdoor antenna sold to consumers, we’ve got you covered. We also carry combination kits that include cable, tuner, antenna and tripod… everything you need for the perfect cord-cutting setup! And of course there’s no better place to get Xtreme Signal antennas than SolidSignal.com. We’re the manufacturer, the retailer, the tech support… everything. You’ll get what you need what you shop at Solid Signal.

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