Introducing Antop Antennas!

At Solid Signal we’re all about choice. That’s why we’ve taken on the line of Antop antennas. Antop antennas are designed to give maximum amplification as well as LTE filtering at a reasonable price. They’re built by the same people who make Lava, Naxa, and several other budget brands of antennas, and the parent company is the largest TV antenna manufacturer in China. We’ve worked hard to bring these antennas to the US at a reasonable price.

Why choose an Antop antenna? Antop antennas almost always come with multiple mounting options that allow them to be used as indoor or outdoor antennas, with options to mount directly to an eave or to a railing as well as to a traditional mast. Some even have stands that allow them to sit on a tabletop.

Antop antennas provide the maximum possible amplification for every situation, and their small size makes them easy to install in almost every application. They’re perfect for apartment dwellers who are looking for an easy way to get into cord-cutting without putting up a large, roof-mounted antenna.

Antop antennas come in plastic, UV-resistant shells that should hold up to all but the most severe weather conditions. If you’re looking for an antenna to help you decide whether cord-cutting is for you, the Antop line are very hard to beat.

All Antop antennas also come with a US-rated LTE filter that filters out the strong cellular signals that sit right above the UHF broadcast TV range. This is especially important because of the strong amplifiers within the products. In testing, some Antop antennas registered 35dB gain over a reference non-amplified antenna. The amplifiers in Antop antennas can be turned off if not needed, but most Antop antennas do require that they be connected to AC power while in use.

If an easy, compact antenna that mounts almost anywhere is just what you’re looking for, check out Antop antennas now available at Solid Signal!

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