Choosing a cell booster? Let us help!

The world of cellular boosters is more complex than ever. it’s supposed to be easy to find just the right booster for your home, right? The truth is it’s even more confusing, because manufacturers have merged, changed names, or even stopped selling here in the US. Every single cellular booster that was on sale a year ago is discontinued today. That makes it hard to find good information on the internet.

Not only that, you may decide that you don’t need a booster that gives you super-boost on all five bands. You may decide to save a little money by not boosting 4G/LTE signals or only covering a small dead spot in the home. There are a lot of options and the choices aren’t always clear.

We’re one step ahead of you here. Our tech staff is ready to help you through this confusing time with a free service to help you find the right booster for you. Our cell booster help request form is a confidential, easy-to-use resource that will help you get just the booster you need, whether you need service in a car or for a 20,000 square foot building. We carry all the major lines and are happy to give you the perfect recommendation to help you get great cell service indoors!

When we receive a request, our team usually responds within 24 hours with a customized package designed just for you that includes everything you’ll need to get great coverage where you need it.