Do you feel like your DIRECTV DVR is acting weird? Do you think you’ve missed recordings and have some unexplained issues? Have you tried resetting the DVR and feel like it hasn’t helped? There’s a new way to clear out some of the cobwebs from the inside of the DVR and it’s very easy to do.

Press the {MENU} button then choose Search&Browse, Smart Search, and press {SELECT}. Input the following into the search window:


then press the red button. Then with “All” highlighted press {SELECT} again. The DVR should reboot by itself within a few seconds. It’s going to take a while to reboot but when it’s done, it will have cleared its guide data database and several other little bits inside. This may help you with missed recordings or even general sluggishness. However, there is a possibility you will lose all your channel logos and on demand for a period of a day or so. This is perfectly normal and everything should return soon.

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