Does your boat need multiple satellite domes?

You see them all the time. Two or more domes on a large yacht. Here’s the secret: a lot of the time, that second dome is empty. In fact, Solid Signal sells the empty domes if you want one. They’re one of our better sellers actually.

Why would you want an empty dome?

Some people think that it looks more balanced. If they can’t put a dome centered on the ship, they want a second one so that it looks intentional. After all, very few people “need” a luxury yacht — they’re presents to yourself. Why shouldn’t they look good? That’s really all there is to it. It’s not like the extra dome is needed for ballast or anything.

Believe it or not, sometimes there are good reasons to have two.

Sometimes, one dome is used for satellite TV and the other is used for satellite internet. No one wants to be disconnected, even when relaxing out at sea. You can find a wide variety of satellite internet systems at Solid Signal, and if you’re looking for something custom, we can help you there as well.

If you’re a world traveler, sometimes you want a second dome so you can get satellite service wherever you are in the world. Both KVH and Intellian make single domes that get service all over the Western Hemisphere,  but if you’re really ambitious that won’t be enough. If you’re headed from the US to Europe or Asia, you’ll want a second dome so you can get the satellite service they have thee. That’s the reason you see multiple domes on cruise ships sometimes.

The other reason for a second dome is if you have a really gigantic vessel. I mean, Carnival, NCL, that sort of thing. You can wire an entire ship that size with one dome, but sometimes it’s hard given the tight spaces. Often times you’re wiring multiple cables through tight spaces. A second dome placed far away from the first can make wiring easier. If you plan ahead, it can even be set up so that one dome can act as a backup if the other one stops working.

Signal Connect, your marine satellite HQ

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