Don’t ever lay your Genie 2 on its side

Here’s another way the DIRECTV Genie 2 is different from other DIRECTV equipment. While other receivers and DVRs could easily be mounted on their sides, the HS17 Genie 2 has to stand tall. There’s no getting around it.

The super-powerful Genie 2 has a lot of work to do — it records up to 7 programs at a time and serves up to 7 TVs, all from the same box. It has built-in Wi-Fi for on-demand and also a built-in video bridge so it can handle wireless clients with no additional box. It even powers the dish if you want it to!

Just like you, the Genie 2 gets hot when it works hard. And yet, you don’t want a fan like a buzz saw inside of it, because this box could end up being anywhere in your home, even in your bedroom. So, it’s innovatively designed to channel air out of its tower with only minimal forced air. The up side of this is that it says quiet; the down side is, this fancy scheme only works when it’s standing up.

If your Genie 2 is laid on its side for even a few seconds, you get the cheeky little display you see above. It shows up on your wired clients — your wireless clients could show this screen or they could go dark, depending on if the connection is lost due to the wireless antenna being misaligned.

You’ll also see a pattern of flashing lights on the Genie 2 like this:

This is designed to tell you something’s gone wrong, and I think it does a pretty good job.

If the Genie 2 isn’t righted, it will eventually shut itself off to avoid heat failure and will need to be unplugged and re-plugged in order to work again. Your wireless clients may need to be rebooted as well, once the Genie 2 has two green lights on the front again.

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