FROM THE FORUMS: Can you use a Genie Client but limit access to the playlist?

A recent question in our support forum asked if you could have a C31 Mini Genie Client but limit access to the Genie playlist. We thought it was a great question!

The C31 Mini Genie Client is not a full-fledged receiver, although it acts like one. It lets the HR34 Genie DVR do all the work and all it does is display video and respond to remote commands. So, there’s no way to limit access to the DVR’s playlist because it’s the DVR that’s doing all the displaying.

One way around this is to use parental controls. Our tutorial will show you how easy it is to limit access to programs you don’t want your kids to watch. Of course, they will still see the playlist, so if there are some (ahem) questionable programs on there your kids may have a few questions.

Parental controls on the C31 Genie Mini Client can be completely different from the ones on the DVR, so that should at least get you a little further.