Frequently asked questions about the SignalScout meter

Our Psiber SignalScout antenna meter has been a huge hit since we brought in onboard. Our customers tell us that it’s the perfect combination of price and performance. Yes, it’s true that not everyone needs precise measurements of antenna signal. But if you do, and I know a lot of our community does, it does what you need.

The SignalScout combines ease of use with power. It will do a full sweep scan as well as allow you to tune individual channels in real time. That makes it perfect for people who set up antennas a lot. For example, if you have an RV and you want to watch live TV every night, this little meter will save you tons of time.

Since I started using this meter, people have started asking questions. I thought it was time to share some of the answers with you.

How does the SignalScout charge?

You can use any USB power source. Any phone charger with a USB connection will do it. For the power cable, you’ll need a USB type A to Mini USB. Not MicroUSB (which is the one you’re probably used to.) Mini USB is an older standard but you can still get those cables if needed.

A charger and power cable are included.

What is the battery life like?

Battery life is measured in hours. To be really honest I’ve never been able to run the battery down in a single session. Keep it charged once a week or so if you’re going to use it every day and you’ll probably never see it run out of battery.

The meter does use a permanently installed battery, so the battery cannot be changed by the end user.

How does the built-in preamp work?

There are three settings for the preamp: On, Auto, and Off. You will probably want to keep it in Auto mode. The preamp is there just to help you get better, more accurate readings. The meter automatically subtracts the amplifier gain before showing you the readings. In other words if the amp is on, you’ll see the same readings as if it’s off.

Is it possible to export data from the meter?

It isn’t, so if you’re the kind of person who does a lot of tests and wants to keep that data you probably want to look at a more expensive meter like Televes’ H30.

Can the firmware be updated?

Yes, this is a very simple procedure and you can get the latest firmware here. The manual walks you through it and it takes only a few seconds. It seems like they have new firmware about every 6-9 months but it doesn’t seem like new firmware adds any new functions. If your meter works, I wouldn’t worry about it.

Can you adjust the signal ranges?

You can adjust what the green, yellow, and red colors mean, as far as how low you want the numbers to go before they’re considered unacceptable. But you can’t really adjust the signal level ranges as displayed.

Does the touchscreen work with gloves on?

It’s a good question for people who are out in the winter. The touchscreen is the old-school capacitive type, the sort you find on ATMs and payment pads. It’s not like your phone. It responds pretty well to pressure from anything, including your finger, the eraser side of a pencil, what have you. If your gloves are soft they might not cut it but pretty much anything hard will.

Where can you get the SignalScout?

At Solid Signal, of course! If you have any pre-sale questions, call us at 888-233-7563!

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