Hey RV users! Want a Genie DVR? Read this first!

One of the really neat things about the Solid Signal community is how diverse it is. There are folks who want the latest and greatest. For them, it’s never too soon to get the newest satellite TV hardware. And then there are the folks who really like what they have. They might have the same DVR or receiver they had ten years ago, and they like it that way. Nothing wrong with that, and we enjoy taking care of the folks who want it “their way.”

When it’s time to upgrade

We like serving folks who know what they want. Even though we may not see them much from year to year, we know they’ll come back. We specialize in customer service first and equipment second. Our customers know this and they find us when they are ready.

Even those folks who like holding on to older equipment sometimes need to make a change. You may not care about 4K or even high definition, but sooner or later your standard definition channels will go away. It’s already happened in some markets with local channels. Since DIRECTV stopped activating standard definition receivers, you’ll need an HD receiver if you add a box or replace one.

At that point you’ll have decisions to make. DIRECTV no longer really offers standalone boxes to most customers. Solid Signal is one of the last places you can get one, and we’re working with old stock. Those receivers haven’t been made in years. Since 2012, the Genie system has been the default for all residential DIRECTV customers. If you’re still on the older boxes, you might finally be thinking that it’s time to make a move.

RV users, let’s talk

The RV community tends to have a larger percentage of older satellite receivers than most satellite customers. Recreational vehicles have been experiencing a huge surge in sales in the last two years. (You know why, don’t make me say it.) While some people opted for new RVs, many went the used route. That means a lot of people got RVs with satellite equipment already installed. Why not activate it, they thought, especially if they have satellite TV at home? We’ve seen a huge surge in satellite TV activations for RVs in the last few years. It’s been great helping people get live TV in their RVs so they can enjoy the comforts of home when they travel.

Sometimes, though, it can be a little challenging being a satellite TV customer with an RV. About 99.5% of DIRECTV’s user base doesn’t have an RV and it’s hard to get the support you need with the specialized equipment in your RV. We know that, and our Signal Connect division specializes in taking care of customers like you with special requirements.

The challenge of upgrading to Genie

As I said, practically all upgrades for DIRECTV now include a Genie DVR. The  Genie system uses a central box that does all the recording combined with smaller client boxes at each TV. It’s a more efficient system, more cost-effective than multiple DVRs, and it’s easier for customers to use. The only problem is that it’s not very RV-friendly.

If you are accustomed to taking a receiver from home and bringing it with you in your RV, you’ll need to know that Genie systems can’t work like that. It’s perfectly ok to take that receiver as long as no one is staying at home. But, if you try to take a client box with you, you’ll find it doesn’t work at all. Those boxes only work when they are connected to the Genie DVR. They can’t work at all by themselves.

The answer is to keep a standalone receiver activated as well. It can be in a spare room or a room you don’t often use. This receiver won’t be able to pause live TV in the same way the client boxes can but it generally can play shared programs from the Genie DVR. More important to you, it will work when you take it on the road.

Beware the Genie 2

The other thing you’ll need to know, and this is really important, is that if you upgrade to a Genie 2 system, you’ll lose the ability to have a receiver in your RV. With the Genie 2 system, you can only have the main Genie server box and client boxes. You can’t have a receiver on your account. It’s simply not possible.

If you call the folks at DIRECTV’s main call center, they’ll want to move you into a Genie 2 immediately. They’ll tell you about the many benefits — and they’ll be right. But they won’t tell you that you’ll lose the ability to get satellite service in your RV.

Call the experts at Signal Connect

If you have satellite TV in your RV, call us before making any changes! You’ll get a professional in our 100% US-based corporate office who knows how RV service works. We’ll make sure you get what you really need, not what some call center script says you need. We’ll make sure your RV setup isn’t affected by what you use at home, and that you’re properly futureproofed for any changes that are coming. We activate more DIRECTV RV accounts than anyone else, and we’re here to take care of you!

It all starts with a call to 888-233-7563 during East Coast business hours. If it’s after hours, fill out the form below! We’ll get back to you, usually within one business day.

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