Got a choice? Choose an outdoor antenna

I bet you could put up an outdoor antenna. Sure, not everyone can get up on a roof, and not everyone lives in a freestanding home. But chances are, there’s a public space where you can mount an antenna and you’ll be glad you did. The very same antenna mounted outdoors can be twice as good at picking up distant signals, and who wouldn’t want that?

Start with an antenna like our HD Horizon X10. It’s the most flexible antenna out there. Sure, it has a stand so you can put it inside in case there’s absolutely no choice, but it also comes with its own mount so you can attach it to any flat surface. That means you might not have to climb up to the roof to get that antenna put up.

If you can’t drill into a wall or roof, fear not — the HD Horizon mounts to fences and railings, or use a freestanding tripod and mast along with a few sandbags for a damage-free solution. It’s incredibly easy and remember, your apartment complex or HOA can’t stop you from putting an antenna smaller than 36″ in size in a private area like your patio or courtyard. It’s a federal rule.

Even if you can’t drill a hole to feed the antenna cable, you’re still in luck with our flat RG6 cable. It’s so flexible and so flat that you can literally shut the window or door and it will still pass through.

So yes, an indoor antenna is a great choice and it may be all you need, most of the time. But if you have a choice, why not give yourself even more signal? Why not put up an outdoor antenna and find out the kind of really distant channels you’re capable of getting! Who knows, it might just be fun!

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Stuart Sweet
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