How can you find someone local to install your antenna?

We hear this question a lot at Solid Signal. Here’s one that came in the other day:

I want to get a TV antenna but I’m 73 years old and don’t feel comfortable up on a roof any more. Do you have an installation service?

Unfortunately Solid Signal does not offer antenna installation services. This is something we have looked into several times, and we found that managing a service organization was just a little more than we wanted to do. However, just because we can’t do the installation for you doesn’t mean you can’t get it installed. Don’t give up… ask yourself these questions first.

Do you actually need an outdoor antenna?

If you’re basing your need for an outdoor antenna on what you’ve had before, you might be surprised. Today’s antennas are more sensitive than ever. Low-noise amplifiers are more common and less expensive than ever, too. It’s very possible that you could get most if not all your channels with an indoor antenna. If you’re not sure which antenna you’ll need, check out our free antenna recommendation service.

With an indoor antenna, you simply put the antenna somewhere near the TV and connect it. Often times you will need one antenna at every TV since indoor antennas are not generally sensitive enough to provide signal to more than one TV. So, the total cost of getting antennas may go up a bit more than you thought. But, remember that an antenna is a one-time purchase. Nothing more to buy. That makes it easy to see the return on your investment.

…and if you do need an outdoor antenna…

Most handypeople or contractors will be able to install for you. Just make sure that you hire someone with a license. I know there are a lot of folks out there who can do this simple job. They don’t even have to know how. All you need to do is send them this tutorial and buy all the parts you need at Solid Signal.

You could rely on a friend or a relative. Honestly the installation process is easy. The problem comes when someone accidentally gets hurt. Getting a licensed, insured contractor is a way to protect yourself from that kind of liability. Also, it’s nice to think that someone you hire has some experience in going up on roofs. They can be kind of slippery and you would hate to think that someone would get hurt.

How can you find the right person to hire?

Often times a roofer will do this work for you. Electricians also do a nifty job. The key is that you hire a professional. Again, this is going to cost you more money. But as I said before this is a one-time expense. With cable TV costing over $100 a month, it can’t take more than two or three months to recoup that little bit of extra investment. In the meantime you’ll be watching crystal clear HD for free!

Get all the antennas you need, along with all the best accessories, when you shop at Solid Signal.

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