How can you get the best streaming experience in your RV?

Spring is just days away. With it comes the desire, deep in our hearts, to “get away from it all.” But this is 2021, and we don’t “get away from it all.” By design, we take most of it with us. We take our RVs out on the open road so that we can enjoy the pleasures of home.

One of those pleasures is streaming video. Whether it’s the latest YouTube or TikTok craze or the latest show keeping everyone talking, we want it. We want it in the palms of our hands whenever the mood strikes. And we don’t want to have to wait until we have good cell service to get it.

RVs are almost designed for bad cell service

They’re not alone. Most homes and vehicles are designed in a way that blocks cell signals. Metal frames, UV-coated glass, and wiring harnesses block cell signals very effectively. It’s almost like they were designed for it. This doesn’t even take into account the electronic interference that’s caused by things like microwave ovens.

In order to get a great streaming experience in your RV, you need a secret weapon. Well, my friend, you’ve come to the right place.

This is the weBoost Drive Reach RV cellular signal booster system. It’s the ultimate power in the RV cellular universe. Packing the maximum punch allowed by law, it gives you every possible advantage. When you want great streaming in your RV, this is what you get.

What makes a cell booster work

You might not be familiar with cellular signal boosters. I’ve called it “the most important piece of tech you’ve never heard of.” There’s a reason for that. We all spend a lot of time on our phones. They are our portals into the world. And yet our cell phones don’t work anywhere near as well as they should. The signals are blocked by the buildings we’re in, the windows we look out, and even by our own hands. When you look at all the challenges a phone faces, it’s a miracle that it works at all.

A cell booster helps deal with a lot of those issues. A large antenna placed high up on the RV pulls in even the weakest signals. Those signals get amplified and rebroadcast to your phone. The system works in reverse, too. The small indoor antenna takes signals from your phone, amplifies them, and pumps them through that big outdoor antenna.

The result is that you not only see more bars on your phone, but you get clearer voice calls, faster streaming, and even better performance on Zoom. (Come on, you didn’t think you’d be able to leave Zoom behind, did you? This is 2021 after all.)

Cellular signal boosters for RVs generally handle eight users at the same time and flood the entire inside of the RV with great signal. Just place the indoor antenna near the center of the RV and watch the magic happen.

Why a cell booster is a great fit for an RV

As you go from place to place, you pass by hundreds, if not thousands, of cell towers. You’re not going to want to worry about whether you have good cell service when you drive or when you’re parked for the night.

This cellular signal booster will give you the best possible service inside the vehicle. That means the kids stay quiet in the back, the adults in the cabin enjoy their fun, and the driver gets uninterrupted signal for GPS or Waze. Everyone wins.

A cellular signal booster is a one-time purchase that you can install yourself. Most cell boosters last 5-7 years or more once they are installed. That means they’ll probably outlast your next three phones. Not bad for an investment that costs half what a premium cell phone costs.

Get your cell booster from Solid Signal

Solid Signal is your home for cellular signal boosters. Whether you need one for your home, office, car, truck, RV, or even for your large enterprise, you’ll find what you need when you shop the great selection at Solid Signal.

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