How often should you reaim your cell booster’s antenna?

Congratulations! You’ve had your cell booster for over a year and you think it’s doing a great job! And of course, as a DIYer, you’re the sort of person who knows that things can always be… just a little better. So instead of just leaving your cell booster alone, you start to think about improving its performance. That’s probably what drew you to this article.

Getting right to it

In general, you should not need to reaim your cell booster’s outdoor antenna. While cellular technology is always evolving, it’s fairly rare that new cell sites actually come online. If you live in an area with really poor cell service, you may find that your carrier will upgrade service. That’s great. For better or worse, most of the time the carriers themselves think that their service is good enough. Most of the time it is… outside. It’s just the construction of modern buildings that makes it hard for those signals to come inside.

If you do notice a big change in your signal level outside, it’s worth looking at whether a new tower has gone up. There are several excellent cell tower locator apps for iPhones and Androids. If you’re really serious you can get a signal meter and get up on the roof. Either way, if you know where the strongest signal is coming from and your outdoor antenna isn’t aimed there, it’s time to re-aim.

Other options for improving signal indoors

If you have an older cell booster, it may have come with a fairly small antenna. If you’re looking to get better results, replacing it with a more robust one can make things a lot better for you. Solid Signal has hundreds of cellular antennas for you to choose from.

This antenna from weBoost is easy to mount and works with almost all home cell phone signal boosters.  If your outdoor antenna looks like a simple piece of metal pointing upwards, this antenna will really bring in a lot more signal. But, don’t take my word for it. If you have questions, consult the experts!

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