iPhone X or Galaxy S8 – Get ready with a Wireless Charging Pad

I’ve seen the future, and it’s wireless. Obviously. Who wants wires? Although wireless charging has been around since 2010 (and we have the embarrassing video to prove it) it’s finally taking off now that both Apple and Samsung have embraced the Qi wireless charging standard.

Wireless charging isn’t such a hard thing to do, you just pump enough power through something and it will transfer to something else over a very small distance. The trick is doing it safely, making sure that power’s only being transferred when needed, and keeping heat buildup to a minimum so nothing explodes (cough Samsung cough.) The Qi standard is already proven and you’ll find it everywhere from cars to coffeeshops… and of course at Solid Signal.

You’ll want to get a Qi charging mat for your desk at work and anywherethat you lay your phone for a long period of time. Although Qi charging is slower than regular charging, it’s still better than no charging at all. If your car doesn’t have one built in, you’ll probably want one for your car too, if there’s a place you can put the phone without it sliding all around all over the place.

Because the Qi standard has been around for a while, you’ll find a great selection of charging pads and mats at SolidSignal.com right now, even though Apple is only just now jumping in. The new iPhones will drive a lot of people to wireless charging, but the Samsung crowd has been there for a while already, of course.

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