Live in a small town? What’s the best way to follow your favorite sports team?

About 60% of people live in a metropolitan area that isn’t served by a full set of professional sports teams. That’s down quite a bit since the Los Angeles area (20 million people or so) got a football team. Still, that’s a lot of people. If you live where the teams are, it’s usually possible to get local sports over the air or sometimes with a basic pay-TV subscription. But if you’re out of town, your choices drop. A lot.

In fact, there’s really only one way you can get the baseball, basketball, football, and hockey you want. Satellite television — especially DIRECTV — is your home for the sports you crave. It’s the only place to get every game in the major leagues. If you’re outside the major metropolitan area where the teams play, you won’t even have to worry about the stupid “blackout rules” that are still in place for some sports.

A satellite TV subscription will often start with a free subscription to a sporting package, depending on the time of year. This gives you the opportunity to see what you’ve been missing. As the year rolls on, you’ll usually find opportunities for free previews of the other sports packages too, so you can get in on the action easily.

You’ll get not only your favorite teams, but every team which really gives you the opportunity to enjoy sports to the fullest. There’s simply nowhere else you get this level of control, and that’s not even all– you’ll get mix channels and fantasy sports tools that let you watch even more sports and get invested in ways you never could before.

Streaming packages are available for some sports, but when you’re talking about football, it’s DIRECTV or nothing. The NFL Sunday Ticket package is exclusive to DIRECTV and when you get it, you also get streaming apps for your phone, tablet, and gaming devices. The MLB Extra Innings package includes full access to MLB.TV, the streaming package that lets you watch games nearly anywhere, at no extra cost! DIRECTV’s MLB package is almost the same price as the standalone MLB.TV package, so it’s like getting the satellite service for free!

All you need to do in order to start enjoying sports the way you’ve always wanted is to call Solid Signal at 888-233-7563. We’re authorized DIRECTV dealers and we use the same systems that DIRECTV does to get you the best prices and the best packages. The difference is, we add the personal touch. Get DIRECTV from Solid Signal and you’ll talk to a real person in our Michigan call center and if you need to talk to that person again, you can talk to that person again. Try that if you call DIRECTV at their number.

With all the great options out there, the only question left is… what are you waiting for?

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