New Video: Cupholder Phone Mount

Here’s one you’re going to want to get immediately. The Tech Choice Cup Holder Phone Mount isn’t just optional. It’s practically mandatory.

You need this for life in the ’20s

Not every car has a big fancy screen in front. Not every car comes with built-in GPS. But you still want to use Waze or Google Maps to know where you’re going. Because traffic, amirite? So you need a way to see what’s on your phone while still being safe.

In more and more states you can’t even legally hold your phone in your car. Yet you’re still relying on it for everything from directions to reservations. You answer text messages with Siri or Google, you know you do it while you’re driving. Don’t even try to pretend you don’t.

So here’s a product that lets you put that phone close, but keep it out of your hands.

Why this one’s the best

Start with clamps large enough to hold even those “Max” sized phones. No magnet mounts here. Those sounded like a good idea, until you realized you couldn’t use wireless charging with them. Know what I mean?

Then add a full swivel back to let you rotate the phone when you need. And, a nice firm gooseneck that’s fully adjustable. Put that phone just out of reach so you can see it but you still have somewhere to put your arms. This is a win-win.

It’s all in the wrist

Unlike other cupholder mounts, this one is secure and it also comes out easily. The secret is the twist top which lets you adjust to practically any sized cupholder. Twist one way to tighten it in, twist the other way to loosen it. The base is strong enough to hold even heavy phones. This mount is made to last.

Thirty seconds of your time

Here’s a nifty little commercial our marketing department whipped up to show off this cup holder phone mount:

I think that says it all.

Actually there’s one more thing you should know. We sell out of these every time we get them in stock. If you look at our product page and see that it’s in stock and “usually ships same day,” get it while you can. We sell out of these no matter how many we buy.

It’s a great little product and I think you’ll like it. Check it out now at

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