NICE AND EASY: Can you use an indoor antenna outdoors?

Yeah, you can but…

Indoor antennas work just find outdoors. In fact all antennas will perform better outdoors than indoors. The construction of your home actually takes about half the strength from TV signals. The real issue with indoor antennas, though, is that they aren’t waterproof.

An indoor antenna isn’t designed to get wet, it’s not designed to freeze, and it’s not designed to get the extreme UV rays that our friends in the south get. Your indoor antenna will rust, corrode or short out a lot faster if you use it outdoors. Of course you could say that’s good news for a retailer like because you’ll come back and buy another antenna. But really, we’d rather sell you an antenna that you’ll be happy with so you’ll buy other stuff from us. So it’s best for everyone if your indoor antenna stays inside, at least when the weather is bad. Don’t be afraid to take it outside for backyard barbecues or whatever, but other than that it’s a lot happier indoors.

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