NICE AND EASY: Can you use the WorldDIRECT dish with a SWM-enabled dish?

Easy answer: no. DIRECTV’s WorldDIRECT international dish can be used by itself to get a mix of standard definition and international programming but if you want HD, you’ll need a Slimline dish WITHOUT a built-in SWM. That dish will get the HD programming for you, but in order to combine both onto a single line, you’ll need an external SWM like the SWM8. You can’t use a dish with a built-in SWM because there’s no way to combine the two signals.

To use both dishes, aim them both then connect all four lines from the Slimline dish to the regular four inputs on the SWM. Then connect ONLY ONE cable from the international dish to the Flex Port 1 of the SWM. There should only be one cable from the international dish; if there is a second, disconnect it. Then connect the line from the SWM to your receivers as if it was a regular SWM installation.

To use both dishes at the same time, go into Satellite Setup on your receiver (Menu, Settings&Help, Settings, Satellite) and Repeat Satellite Setup. Choose dish type 11 for a Slimline-3 installation or type 12 for a Slimline-5 installation. That’s all it takes!