New Unboxing Video: weBoost Home Multiroom

You asked for it… we got it! Our friends at weBoost sent a Home Multiroom booster for us to test out. First step, of course, was a little unboxing video. Instrumented testing and an installation video will follow in a little bit.

What is the weBoost Home Multiroom?

The Home Multiroom is weBoost’s midrange booster. First announced about two months ago, it replaces the Connect 4G and Connect 3G boosters in the middle of weBoost’s line. It’s a good choice for people with up to 5,000 square feet of space inside.

The booster itself is better looking and has better install options than the previous. More importantly, its upgraded antennas give you more ways to mount and a better chance at getting those really weak signals.

With the Home Multiroom, you’ll get everything you need including a flat cable that lets you install this booster without drilling a hole through your wall. It’s going to be very popular with apartment dwellers. This is the first new product with a flat cable and weBoost is also including the flat cable in many of its older products as well.

Will it work for you?

Of course every situation is different but if you have even one bar outside, you’ll be able to flood the average size apartment with great signal. If you’re one of those folks whose energy-efficient home blocks all the cell signals, expect this booster to give you great service up to 5,000 square feet.

Take a look

Here’s our exclusive unboxing experience for the Home Multiroom cell booster:

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