NICE AND EASY: Look at the last 4 channels you’ve watched on DIRECTV

It’s been there all along. There’s a simple way to look at a mini-guide that contains the last four channels you’ve watched on DIRECTV. This can be a great way to figure out whether or not you want to switch channels. It’s been there for years, ever since DIRECTV’s last user interface refresh in 2011. And it’s only a button push (or three) away.

Start by pressing the {INFO} button. You can do this while you’re watching live or recorded TV. Then arrow over to “Last 4.” You’ve probably never even noticed that before, have you? Here you’ll see not only the channel numbers for the last four channels you’ve watched but what’s on those channels right now. You can use the up and down arrows to highlight what you want to watch next and the {SELECT} button to go straight there. It’s so easy!

If you really want to get into power user territory, look at the last 4 channels and decide what you want to watch, then press {EXIT}. Then, press the down arrow twice to enter “DoublePlay” mode where you can have a running buffer of two channels at once. Change the channel and you can easily and quickly switch between two shows and have the ability to rewind and fast forward on both. The down arrow takes you between channels faster than any channel change can.

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