DIRECTV adds Hurricane Dorian channels

As I write this, Hurricane Dorian is stalled over the Bahamas, threatening most of the southeastern United States. We don’t know if it will come onshore here in the US, where, or at what strength.

For those who want to track the storm, DIRECTV has started two new temporary channels. No matter where you are in the country, you’ll be able to see what’s going on out in the path of the hurricane.

361-1 Severe Weather Mix Channel

Someone in DIRECTV HQ was up late building a nice graphic background for this channels, too, right?

This mix channel gives you four live streams: the Weather Channel, AccuWeather, CNN, and the Severe Weather Channel (which I’ll get to in a moment.) I’m guessing they chose CNN not out of any political bias but because their studios are in Atlanta, nearest to where the storm could hit.

As with other interactive mix channels, you can use the arrows to get audio from any of these channels at any time or press SELECT to tune directly to them.

361-2 Severe Weather Channel

As I write this, the Severe Weather Channel is broadcasting the news feed from West Palm Beach, Florida’s WPBF. It’s as good a choice as any, since it’s not clear where the hurricane will actually make landfall. In some cases DIRECTV has switched a feed if severe weather doesn’t land where they expect.

Stay safe out there

Let’s all hope that this hurricane is not as bad as has been feared. News out of the Bahamas has been hard to get, and that small island nation could still be in for a lot of pounding as the storm seems to have stalled there. It could pick up steam from here and hit the US stronger than ever, or it could totally peter out. It’s hard to know, even with our amazing computational models.

Whatever you do, if you are in an area that could possibly be in the path of the hurricane, get out if they tell you to get out. Hunker down if they say that’s the best thing to do. Hopefully you’ve already stocked up on supplies and you’re ready to wait it out.

DIRECTV is a great way to watch what’s going on. Satellite TV can get back up and running faster after a natural disaster because there are no lines to repair. If the dish blew off the roof, call Solid Signal at 888-233-7563 (as soon as you have phone service) and we can send a new one.

Let’s hope this hurricane is more mild than previous ones. We’re all crossing our fingers.

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